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Sam Bartowle

Fitness Entrepreneur

Looking To Build A Successful Business?

Then This Is For You

Look, you’re not alone. It’s true- we’ve seen it too. Now, more than ever, it’s harder to build a business 😕


So you end up watching tons of YouTube videos, trying to come up with a strategy, but months and years go by, and you still don’t have any remnant of a successful business. 

You want to start a brand but no one tells you exactly what to do… So you try to figure it out, and try to figure it out and…

… end up in the sad entrepreneur do-it-yourself with no real results cycle. 

Here’s Why It’s So Hard To
Build A Profitable Business Nowadays

No Roadmap

All these gurus and “successful” brands refuse to share the exact roadmap that made them successful; therefore you stay lost, confused, and without success.

Too Many Tasks

There are millions of business tasks that require different sets of entrepreneurial and technical skills, the majority of which normal people don't have.

Marketing Is Hard

People waste a lot of time and/or money trying out different marketing strategies that don't push them closer to their goals or get them any actual sales.

Competition Is Fierce

The number of people who start the same business as you every single day has doubled. It's hard to stand out as a new business.

People are struggling with creating profitable businesses.

There’s this “do-it-yourself”  mentality everywhere. It’s great to try doing things on your own, but if you’ve never built a successful business before, it’s nearly impossible to figure it all out without wasting thousands of dollars and millions of your precious minutes. Yikes!   

Everyone is trying to start a business these days, which means whatever you’re thinking of doing, there’s probably a ton of other people doing something similar. That makes it hard to get noticed and make sales.

On top of that, figuring out what to do first with your business idea or what to do next can be super confusing. And just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you realize there’s something else that should have been done first. 

This can make starting a business feel like you’re walking through a maze, trying to figure out the right path without a map. Ultimately going around in circles. 😢

The game has CHANGED. You need to adapt fast if you want to have a successful business. 

See It's All Due To The

"Big Shift"

Say Goodbye To Business As You Know it 😟

The place to be right now is with In Your Own Profitable Business.  People are spending more time creating their own business than they do at work!

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to have fueled a surge in entrepreneurship. Since 2021, there have been a whopping 16 million new business applications in the U.S. alone!

Business used to be easier, and less competitive, but not anymore. 

LinkedIn predicts a continuous increase in entrepreneurship and therefore competition due to remote opportunities and technological innovations!

The CEO Plus Membership

Source: U.S. Census Bureau’s

Business Formation Statistics

The CEO Plus Membership

Pretty true right?

Now get this… According to the U.S, Entrepreneur Sector, by the end of 2025, 75% of people will have their own businesses. 

And It’s Already Happening…

Google shows you the massive influx in interest in entrepreneurship — it’s at an all-time high!


Yes – Even Google Confirms There’s An

Extreme Interest in Creating A Business! 😲 

The CEO Plus Membership

Interest In Creating A Business Is At An All-Time High

Source: Google Trends

Fact is, creating a business will be even more competitive in the years to come…


The problem right now is…


It’s difficult for entrepreneurs and creators to build their own businesses and brands from the ground up and actually make it successful.  

Because of this – the vast majority of people are: 


Spending Their Time Watching Tutorials

Trying to build their brand by watching videos and tutorials.

Using Complicated Tools and Software

Following others and using expensive and complex software.

Buying One-Off "Fix It Quick Solutions"

Wasting money on “guru solutions” that don't actually help.

The Absolute Worst Way To Build A Business 🤕

Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter if you watch millions of tutorials, try different software, buy “fix it quick” solutions, or you’re just trying to figure out ‘how to’

If you do any of the above, you are setting up yourself and your business to fail.

An Absolute No Go

The good news is, we’re solving this problem (and more) today, so first things first…

The CEO Plus Membership

It’s time to say “goodbye” to the old traditional way of building a business because there’s…


A New Way To Say

"Cha-Ching" 💰


May 21, 2024

Re:  Out With The Old, In With The New!

  • The CEO Plus Membership

Hi Fellow Entrepreneur 👋

It’s Ashleigh Jessica Taylor here, and I felt now is the perfect time for a breath of fresh air.

See, I’ve got some great news that’ll help you ……

As a full-time entrepreneur and multi-business owner for over 10 years,  I’ve got quite some experience on what works and what doesn’t… The biggest “take-away”?

Start…or Die

Harsh? I beg to differ.

See, today we live in an entrepreneurial society. We see a problem, and we look for a solution. If we don’t find a solution, then we create a solution. And your audience and potential customers are no different!

Nowadays they have so many issues and they are looking for a product or service to solve them. Your product/service. 

If you don’t provide them with a solution to their problem they will buy from a person that can.  

If you don’t start your business now, you’ll definitely get left behind and your business might as well be dead in the water already.

But you don’t want that right? Well good news…

There’s A New Way To Start Your Business

See, in 2024 it’s not about wishing to have a successful business, hoping to make sales, or trying to figure out this business thing by yourself. It’s way too competitive for that.

It’s about following an easy-to-follow roadmap with a track record for success, launching your business, and getting revenue as quickly as possible

Every second you wait it gets more and more competitive.

Every day that goes by you get further and further away from a profitable business.

So here’s how you launch a profitable business, quickly.

Use The Right Resources To Build Your Business

Watching video tutorials and trying to do it yourself is fun and all, but at the end of the day, you still won’t have a successful business. 🤷‍♀️

I can’t even remember the last time I accomplished something that contributed to my bottom line after implementing advice from a video tutorial, can you? 

The point is… trying to build a successful business by yourself is great until you’ve been stuck in the same spot for months, or don’t have a successful business to show for all your hard work.  Savvy as you are…

… you know successful entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners use reliable methods. They don’t rely on trying to do it all themselves or “figure it out”. 

Time is money and every second they are not successful they are wasting their time and their money.  It’s the reason ‘why’ so many businesses partner with other companies to help them grow as they’ve seen great results…

… you should definitely follow suit!  Even if it’s just for this single benefit…

Building and launching your business in less than 60 days and


A study on Entrepreneurship reported you’re far more likely to have a successful business if you work with a proven partner.

That’s launching your business within 60 days and getting to your first million dollars in under a year!

Experiencing less stress and only success.

The CEO Plus Membership

The CEO Plus Membership will provide you with a *unique* way for you to build a successful business that you can call your own. So listen up…

Till Now You've Used A Couple Of "Methods" To Build Your Business

Look — You already know, building a business is the quickest way to financial freedom, and you’ve seen for yourself that it is getting more competitive. 

(You’ve seen the proof, right? It’s piping HOT! The CEO Plus Membership)

Building a business for the first time by yourself should be out of the question.  And if till now you thought it was complicated… Wait till you see what we’ve created for you!

It bridges the “how to” gap you have. Plus, it makes building a successful business fun and easy to do… you’ll soon realize it does all the hard work for you.

I believe your business deserves the best and so do you, right?

So, when it comes to building your own business, you need the right tools.


So Be Careful Of Scams!

See, if you’ve jumped on this *build your own business- become your own boss* bandwagon… chances are you’ve come away with a bloody nose🩸…


…at best you’ve been disappointed and still don’t have a real business.


Not because you’ve been sold a lie… but because you’ve been sold a DUD.


Because while all those other “gurus” and “business coaches”  you’ve seen might talk a good game…

They’re Designed So That You Never Have A Successful Business 

(To Keep You Buying From Them)

See, when it comes to building a business… you need an ALL-In-One Solution.

You need a simple and step-by-step blueprint of how to build your exact business.  And you need to be able to build your business quickly and easily… Plus you need to be able to make your ideas a reality 100% of the time!

So when we decided to take on the challenge and build our very own “build a business tools suite”…

… we knew this was not going to be easy — When I consulted with my team about this idea- I knew it was going to take some time…

My only concern was… it had to be (at least) 10x better than anything you’ve ever seen before!

So We Designed A Solution

Introducing The CEO Plus Membership, a Business Creation Suite. This “Swiss Army Knife” enables you to build a profitable business and leverage business expertise, at scale. Create your business with proven profitable blueprints, launch your business, and quadruple your income. Build your business, get more sales, and grow your brand with ease!

The CEO Plus Membership Business Suite

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The minute you get into The CEO Plus Membership, you’ll be wondering why
nobody has made it this simple to build a profitable business from scratch before.

Choose One Of Niche Step-By-Step Roadmaps & Create Your Business!

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