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Inventory is a broad term that encompasses the raw materials, work-in-progress products, and finished goods that a company holds for the purpose of sale in the future. It represents one of the most important assets for businesses that deal in physical products, as it is directly tied to their revenue and profit levels. Let's break down the concept of inventory!

Are you tired of the daily grind and dreaming of a revenue stream that doesn't require clocking in and out every day? You're not alone. Let's dive in and explore how you can unlock the door to a more relaxed and financially secure lifestyle.

Starting a food truck business can be a deliciously rewarding venture. With the right mix of culinary passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and the seven essential steps outlined in this guide, you'll be on your way to serving up mouthwatering meals on wheels and making money!

Navigating the world of work can be complex, especially when it comes to understanding different types of employment. Independent contractors play a vital role in today's economy, offering specialized services on a flexible basis. If you've ever wondered exactly what an independent contractor is, how they differ from regular employees, or if you're considering becoming one, this guide is for you.

The CEO Call

You're Just A Call A Way From Your Clarity

You put in the hours, but you’re still not seeing the progress you want, and you don’t know why. The CEO Call is designed to help you get unstuck and make real steps towards your success.

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Building A Business Requires A Lot Of Steps

Building a successful business is a lot of hard work. There are hundreds of different steps that you have to take in order to see impactful progress.

At Some Point, You're Going To Get Lost

When you’re in the process of building a brand, it’s easy to get lost and confused. Unsure of the path that you’re on and questioning whether you’re making the right decisions.

Get Back On Track With A Custom Roadmap

It’s important to quickly get help when you’re confused or stuck. The CEO Call will provide you with direct navigation leading you back to your path of success while making sure you never get lost again.

The CEO Call

An on-demand private consult call for those building a business or personal brand. 

Created From Experience

Exceptional Guidance.
Receive access to years of invaluable knowledge, and industry insight.

Made For You

Custom Approach.
Dive in and experience a custom approach to discovering the answers you need.

Designed For Success

Result-Driven Advice.
Learn the tangible strategies you need so that you can see the results you desire.

A Deeper Dive

Inside The
CEO Call

“How do I know what to do next? Why am I not seeing the results I want?” All the questions that are stopping you from reaching the next level will be answered during your 20-minute private phone call with the CEO-Founder of CEO Creatives™️,  Ashleigh Jessica Taylor.

Fuel Your Ideas With A Strategy

Answers At Your Fingertips

Not making the progress you would like? Your CEO Call will provide you with expert guidance, actionable advice, and a custom plan that will help you navigate your next steps and get you back on track.

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On Demand
Cost Effective
Multi-Industry Experience
Personalized Approach
Step-By-Step Strategy

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The CEO Call
The CEO Call
The CEO Call
The CEO Call
The CEO Call
The CEO Call
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When building a business and growing a brand, your time is valuable. Don’t waste another second of it not knowing what to do.

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