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Step into the shoes of success with CEOship at your side. Our bespoke mentorship platform gives you the wisdom of accomplished CEOs, so you can carve your path to the top with confidence and clarity. 

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Why Struggle Alone With Your Business, 

When You Can Have An Experienced CEO

In Your Back Pocket?

Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey alone can be daunting and inefficient. CEOship offers a streamlined, strategic path to turning your vision into a thriving enterprise. Under Ashleigh’s mentorship, you will navigate the complexities of business creation with precision and ease.

Can You Imagine...

  • Having a clear, actionable plan that turns your business goals into results.
  • Feeling empowered and equipped, not overwhelmed, by your business challenges.
  • Leading your business with the acumen and confidence of an experienced CEO.

With CEOship, these scenarios aren’t just possible—they’re expected.

Accelerate Your CEO Success, 

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Introducing The CEOShip

Unlock the full potential of your business with the CEOship Program—an exclusive coaching and development initiative designed for high-level entrepreneurs like you that want to quickly reach their goals.

Ashleigh helped me build a brand and cohesive narrative from scratch. Ashleigh is the best person I have hired.

The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint

Micheal, C

Blue Ocean Life

The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint


June 18, 2024

Re:  Interested In The CEOship

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Ashleigh Here

Let me tell you a little story about my entrepreneurial journey. 

When I started my CEO Journey, I was barely scraping by in New York City, hustling just to get through each day.

For the first five years of my journey, it was a rollercoaster of experiments, trying to make a living as a new entrepreneur, juggling debts, and just trying to figure life out.

It was hard, like really hard. 

I was trying to do it all myself because I had no other choice. 

I started from nothing, building businesses from scratch. Ultimately, I started to figure it out. 

Soon enough, my clients were getting featured in big-league publications like Yahoo News, Buzzfeed, and even Forbes

And then, out of the blue, big-name brands came knocking, wanting to learn from my experiences. 

But you know what really lit a fire in me? The realization that I didn’t just want to work with corporate giants. 

No, I wanted to roll up my sleeves and work with people like you—folks with a spark of an idea and the grit to turn it into something real. 

People who don’t want to go through a decade long trial and error cycle trying to figure it all out.

That’s why I created The CEOShip. 

The CEOShip is not just about helping you build your business and grow your brand. 

It’s about helping you cut down the learning phase and jumping straight to the right action and execution. 

And the best part? I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Ready to…

Fast Track Your Way To Success With The CEOShip

In today’s entrepreneurial landscape, it’s common to feel overwhelmed with options and unsure of the next steps.

Many new Entrepreneurs & CEOs  find themselves paralyzed by indecision or scattered by trying to juggle too many initiatives.

The CEOship is specifically designed to cut through this noise, helping you focus on what truly matters for achieving your business and personal brand goals.

Imagine working directly with Ashleigh, a seasoned CEO and entrepreneur who excels in distilling complex challenges into clear, actionable strategies.

During your CEOShip, Ashleigh helps you prioritize your efforts, focusing your energy on tasks that align with your core strengths—your “Genius Zone.”

This targeted approach ensures that you’re not only productive but also moving steadily toward your specific goals.

The common pitfalls of trying to do it all or not knowing which direction to take can significantly hinder progress.

The CEOship addresses these challenges head-on

With strategic guidance, you’ll identify the most effective actions that drive growth and revenue, while CEO Creatives’ acts as your in-house administrative team freeing you from day-to-day distractions, allowing you to maintain focus on higher-level strategic thinking actions.

Under your CEOship, you’ll learn to navigate the CEO landscape with precision.

Helping you crystallize your objectives, refine your strategy, and ensure that every step you take is intentional and effective.

This focused approach not only advances your business but also allows you to show up in the world as the CEO & Leader you’ve always desired to be.

With the CEOShip you’ll be able to stay in your Genius Zone, take the right actions, and keep moving forward towards your goals

When You Integrate The CEOship Into Your Business…
You Go From
To This
You Go From
Stuck in action paralysis, not knowing what to do next. 
To This

Confidently charting your course forward with clarity and purpose.

You Go From

Burnout, stressed, overworked, and unhappy.

To This
Fulfilled, calm, confident, and optimistic.
You Go From
Trying to do all the things all by yourself
To This
Staying in your genius zone and only focusing on tasks that move the needle forward.
You Go From

Wishing, wanting, hoping.

To This
Planning, executing, achieving. 

Ashleigh is very professional and with an extensive skill set. She is very organized and structured. Good ideas and experience.

The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint

Sasha P.

Formr, Furniture Company

Achieve Your Goals With The CEOship Strategy


Our strategy starts with establishing a laser-like focus on your core goals. We assist you in identifying and prioritizing your most significant objectives, ensuring that every effort and resource is aligned with your ultimate ambitions.


Whether it’s expanding your business, enhancing your personal brand, or hitting specific revenue targets, our tailored approach helps clarify your vision.


With your goals in focus, we collaboratively develop a strategic plan that acts as your roadmap to success. This plan is detailed in our “Success Mapping Strategy Sessions,” where we lay out actionable steps, timelines, and resources needed to reach your targets. This careful planning ensures that every action is intentional and directed towards measurable outcomes.


With a clear plan in place, your actions become more purposeful and results-driven. Our CEOship Strategy equips you with the tools and guidance necessary to execute decisively. This includes our “CEO Admin Assistance”, which supports the execution by managing your essential but time-consuming tasks, allowing you to maintain momentum on strategic initiatives.


The culmination of focus, planning, and action is achievement. Our strategy is not just about meeting your goals but exceeding them in a way that sets new standards within your industry.

With the ongoing support from “CEO HelpLine Connect”, you have direct access to expert advice whenever needed, ensuring you can adjust strategies in real time and stay ahead of the curve.

The Foundational Components Of Your CEOship

Success Mapping Strategy Sessions 

The Success Mapping Strategy Sessions are weekly 90-minute one-on-one calls where you and Ashleigh delve deep into the core areas of your business to refine and execute your strategic vision. Each session is tailored to assess your current progress, set clear, actionable goals, and devise robust strategies to overcome obstacles and accelerate growth. 

  • The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint
  • The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint
  • The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint
  • The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint
  • The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint

Executive Admin Assist

Maximize your productivity and streamline your responsibilities with the Executive Admin Assist. This bespoke service acts as your behind-the-scenes support team, integrating seamlessly with yours, taking on specific projects in your CEOShip and non-specialized operational admin tasks to enhance your productivity- allowing you to focus on what you do best. 

CEO Help Line Connect 

Experience real-time support tailored for the modern CEO with CEO Help Line Connect. This dedicated service ensures you’re never alone in decision-making or crisis management. Connect directly with Ashleigh anytime, during workdays and hours, to receive immediate assistance with any business challenge or query you might have.

Empower Your CEO Journey With The CEOShip Advantage

Enjoy the exclusive bonus features of The CEOShip. 

Executive Project Dashboard

Gain access to your personalized online command center, where you can oversee key projects, track milestones, and monitor performance metrics in real-time, empowering you to steer your business towards success with clarity and precision.

Monthly Mastery Reports

Elevate your leadership with detailed monthly reports summarizing your progress, achievements, and growth opportunities. Dive deep into insights tailored specifically for you, providing invaluable guidance as you navigate the complexities of scaling your business.

Quarterly Strategy Summit

Join us for exclusive strategy sessions held quarterly, where we'll collaboratively refine your business strategy, identify new growth avenues, and fortify your competitive edge. Together, we'll ensure your vision remains clear and your trajectory unstoppable.

Resource Treasure Chest

Unlock a treasure trove of curated resources, from expert articles to actionable templates, designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to overcome challenges and seize opportunities on your entrepreneurial journey.

Session Replay Vault

Revisit pivotal moments and insights from your personalized coaching sessions with our comprehensive replay vault. With each playback, you'll deepen your understanding and accelerate your growth, ensuring every lesson leaves a lasting impact.

Goal Mastery Navigator

Navigate your path to success with our goal tracking and accountability system. Set ambitious goals, track your progress with precision, and receive expert guidance and support every step of the way. Together, we'll turn your aspirations into achievements, one milestone at a time.

Featured By Leading Companies

The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint
The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint
The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint
The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint
The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint
The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint

It was a pleasure working with Ms. Taylor. She was both informative and knowledgeable. She understood my goals and helped me to achieve them. I owe this too her great communications skills and the ability to look beyond the task at hand and see my dreams and my vision.

The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint

Shellena Lewis

Author of Jaiden Einstein

Select Your CEOShip Plan

Ready to make the best decision for your business? Choose one of our plans and let’s get started! 


$ 1,999/mo
  • One 90 Mins Strategy Session/Wk
  • Daily Help Line Connect
  • Executive Project Dashboard
  • Session Replay Vault
  • Monthly Mastery Reports
  • Quarterly Strategy Summit
  • Goal Mastery Navigator
  • Resource Treasure Chest


$ 2,299/mo
  • One 90 Mins Strategy Session/Wk
  • 4 Hrs/WK Of Executive Admin Assist
  • Daily Help Line Connect
  • Executive Project Dashboard
  • Session Replay Vault
  • Monthly Mastery Reports
  • Quarterly Strategy Summit
  • Goal Mastery Navigator
  • Resource Treasure Chest


$ 2,599/mo
  • One 90 Mins Strategy Session/Wk
  • 8 Hrs/WK Of Executive Admin Assist
  • Daily Help Line Connect
  • Executive Project Dashboard
  • Session Replay Vault
  • Monthly Mastery Reports
  • Quarterly Strategy Summit
  • Goal Mastery Navigator
  • Resource Treasure Chest

The Right Way To Grow Your Business and Brand 

Simply put, The CEOShip helps you get to where you ultimately want to be. 

This program is based on real-world results. And The CEOShip it to the next level —  personalizing business and brand building techniques to your specific strengths!

Look, you get the point – the truth is this page can be much bigger, simply because we have so much cool stuff inside. To be honest… the only way you get a real taste – is to simply try us out.

The Perfect Place To Accelerate Your CEO Journey

Now Is The Time To Grow Your Brand!

  • The Moneymaker Business Plan Blueprint,Business Plan Blueprint
Don’t get caught on the outside looking in on  the premier membership for entrepreneurs. 

You Today

You Tomorrow

Frequently Asked Questions

The CEOship Program is an exclusive coaching and development initiative designed specifically for high-level entrepreneurs seeking to scale their businesses and elevate their brand. Through personalized coaching, strategic guidance, and access to valuable resources, we empower CEOs to achieve their business goals with confidence and clarity.

The CEOship Program caters to established entrepreneurs and business leaders who are committed to taking their small business to the next level. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to refine your strategies or a visionary founder embarking on a new phase of growth, our program provides the tools and support you need to succeed.

Unlike generic coaching programs, the CEOship Program offers a tailored approach that recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities faced by high-level entrepreneurs. With a comprehensive suite of resources and personalized support, ensures that each participant receives the individualized guidance necessary to achieve exceptional results.

No, there isn’t. We believe in flexibility and tailoring our program to suit your needs. There are no long-term contracts required for the CEOship Program. We understand that every CEO’s journey is unique, and we provide the flexibility for participants to engage with the program for as long as it aligns with their needs and goals. Whether you choose to participate for a short-term project or embark on a longer-term growth journey, our commitment remains steadfast in supporting your success every step of the way.